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Only one time.

I'm wondering how I can implove my listening skill.
I decided to watch YouTube a lot only one time. I never try to see it again. Because if I can do that,
I definitely don't concentrate to understand.
So I have to be very concentrative to listen correctly.
It's hard for me because I cannot understand speaker's saying perfectly. But it's very fun mean, I can see a lot of talking!

Actually I don't have a TV in my house, so I can't watch dramas, movies and comedies. KARA which is very famous pop group in Korea was so in fashion in Japan, maybe even now, but at that time, I didn't know that completely!
It's terrible! I don't wanna be a Urashima Tarou! How can I explain the word to you in English?! Maybe I am a fossil? Is it correct?
Oh gosh, I have to be like Lady Gaga, she has the most biggest impact in the world now.
I'm kidding. I can't be like her because I have no talents with music and I have never sang in front of audience.
But I have to get informations about the world or Japan to servive in this society.

Anyway, YouTube is great!

* "Smack me!"
* bring -- down : kill, depress
* "Only unfulfil love can be romantic."
* oodles : many