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I live as a patient.

2011.05.12| ・3.11.2011
The translation of Asahi shinbun,4/3.

Mr.Sasaki lost the medicines which prevent relapse of cerebral infarction.
He who is 60 lived in Rikuzentakata and his home was devastated by Tsunami.

He was concern more about his second daughter whom he cannot contact.
There was a preschool where she is at work at the heights.

"Maybe there will be not affected by Tsunami."
He felt worry for her, but he fled to acquaintance's house that day with his wife who was working at a shop and his older daughter.

The next day he heard that his daughter was supplying food to the victims.
He got at ease but he couldn't call her yet.

He arrived there where she would be at last, but he couldn't find her.

A few hours later, he found incidentally a her car pulled up near her colleague's house.
"I thought you died."
They rejoiced at their reunion with tears.


All families started to clear up their house.
The older daughter found a case contained his medicines under the TV.
The case was dirty but the contents was safe.

He has went on taking medicines since he got cerebral infarction in 2008 until 3/11.
He thought that he could survive through the medicines.

But there was only a five day's worth of medicines.
He'd took usually them once a day, now he took them once every two days.

He and the residents who are in same trouble asked headquarters of their district to give them the medicines.
But they didn't reach their refuge.

He got be impatient, asked first-aid station near to the refuge for help.
He explained the course to a doctor,showing her his instruction manual of medicines which he have took.

"First I'll prescribe a three day's worth of medicines for you. " said a doctor.
"I'm really glad for her help" he thought.

Two days later, he applied a city's temporary housing.
He could live there for two years, he have to pay miscellaneous expenses except rent.

He cannot live his house, the whole town was devastated by Tsunami at all.
He cannot have hope that the town will revive two years later and there will be some work place for him.

"All I can do is to make my way step by step."
He persuades himself to do that.